We Are


100% Free From


GMO’s, Toxins, Synthetic Dyes, Synthetic Fragrances

Our Process


Whenever possible we use whole plant (certified organic!) ingredients. This maximizes the amount of nutrients that you’ll get from product to product.


Most of our extracts are done in house. It’s important for us to have our hand in the process from start to finish as opposed to just using a ton of lab extracts – where you simply cannot guarantee quality.


It shows in the products, especially by way of FRESHNESS. Our small batch method ensures you won’t receive products that have been sitting on a shelf for months on end. This in turn will maximize the efficacy of the active ingredients, delivering you the most alive product in it’s full force.

Self care can represent & be a beautiful thing! It’s a gratifying deed to be able to give something to someone else knowing that they will enjoy or derive a moment of health & serenity from it. I make all of our products in small batches by hand & draw from rich botanical extracts, organic oils & other earthly substances (hence, Terr-ene: “earthly, of the earth:). The skincare industry can feel over-saturated & is filled with crazy claims, we strip it down to beautiful, gentle – yet effective staples that you’ll love, keep & will treat you to an elevated experience.