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“Simplicity, efficacy & beauty are important to me”

About Us

Terrene was born out of the desire to take something as “simple” as dried plants & concoct something powerful from it. It’s in keeping with Terrene’s ethos that self care can represent & be a beautiful thing, & it’s a gratifying deed to be able to give something to someone else knowing that they will enjoy & derive a moment of health & serenity from.

Formulated & tested by founder, Rachael Francisca. Rachael makes each product in small batches by hand, & draws from rich botanical extracts (many of which are extracted in house), organic oils & other earthly substances (Terr-ene: earthly, of the earth).

The skincare industry can be oversaturated & filled with crazy claims. We strip it down to beautiful, gentle – yet effective components that will envelop your senses & truly treat you to an elevated experience.